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Feeling Class

I am looking forward to speaking at the University of Sheffield this week - at the launch of Class, Emotions and the Affective Politics...

Alpha City Film

It was great to be involved in filming for a forthcoming feature, Alpha City: How London Became the Money Laundering Capital of the...

Love in the Space-time of Inequality

This blog post is a summary of a recently published article in the academic journal The Sociological Review. The piece of writing draws...

Beyond the Wage book launch

It was a pleasure to speak at the virtual launch of Beyond the Wage: Ordinary Work in Diverse Economies earlier this week

The Work of Looking for Work

In this blog post, I include a short summary of my recently published chapter: 'The work of looking for work'

COVID-19, Hunger, Responsibility

I have a new piece of writing published online at The Homersphere. It is available to read here. COVID-19 has seen hunger rise rapidly in...

Debt in the Age of Austerity

This short post is a summary of a new piece of writing: 'Austere social reproduction and the gendered geographies of debt.'

Shame in the Age of Austerity

This post is a summary of a recent academic publication: 'Towards a geographical account of shame: Food banks and the spaces of austere...

People's Geography

This blog post is a summary of a recent entry published in the second edition of the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography.

Grenfell, Grief, Geography

It was a privilege to speak at the Royal Geographical Society’s annual conference last week. Held on site in south Kensington, it was an...

The Vital Politics of Foodbanking

This blog post is a summary of my latest academic article: ‘The vital politics of foodbanking: Hunger, austerity, biopower.’

'The City and the City'

In this post, I follow a slightly different tack. I want to reflect on the politics of unequal lives through what might seem an unusual...

'High-cost Credit in an Age of Austerity'

Last week, I was pleased to share my research at an event sponsored by CRASSH (the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and...

'Feminist Engagements with Austerity'

It was a pleasure to be involved in the ‘Feminist Engagements with Austerity’ conference held at Bristol University last week. Attended...

'London Inequality Studies' (LIS)

In this post, I write about a recent initiative I have launched: London Inequality Studies (LIS). The study group, established with...

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