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COVID-19, Hunger, Responsibility

I have a new piece of writing published online at The Homersphere. It is available to read here.

COVID-19 has seen hunger rise rapidly in the UK. Since the first lockdown in March last year, rates of food insecurity have quadrupled. Recent data suggests that up to 7.7 million adults missed meals or had to reduce their portion size during this first lockdown alone.

In my piece of writing—entitled ‘I’m hungry. Whose fault is that? And who should fix it?’—I explore the different responses that have emerged to narrate and combat this hunger. I identify three forms of responsibility that have been iterated: charitable, state-governed, and individual. These models of responsibility do not exist separately, and present different directions not only for how we as a society deal with hunger: they also represent models of the kind of society we want to build in a post-pandemic world.


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